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Meet Rita Antonova or also known as Rita Rrhi, the passionate and caring, eccentric and ever-surprising persona. The very creative woman behind (and in front) of a lot beautiful and dream-esque photos.

Rita is woman ‘of the hour’ in Double Notch’s world this week, by being in charge of our instagram stories&snapchat, acting as a muse for our designer ANDRA ANDŽANE. She has been spoiling us with interesting and nicely curated content all week, because of course it what she does the best (if you have not been following so jump in and do it!)
However, let’s explore in a bit more detail who is this beautiful-content-creating-wizzard.

Most disliked color of 2016?

Still not in love with serenity.

What role would you like to play in a movie and which movie specifically?

I would love to take part in any movie about Coco Chanel, to be more specific Audrey Teutou’s role of Mrs Chanel in movie Coco Before Chanel.

What can always be found in your bag (except the usual – phone, keys, wallet)?
Extra battery for the camera (even if the camera is not with me) and hematogen nutrition bar.

On your personal website ritaantonova.lv it says – I am both in the front of the camera – when I organize and place the objects for photos, as well as behind it, when I am actually photographing. Tell me more about it – how did it all start?

Since I can remember my self I have always been very familiar and fond of photography – as a kid I would spend hours and hours taking pictures of candle lights and ants in the countryside. Now it has grown into serious job – different photo shoots and photo styling projects, wedding decoration and styling it self always being an important part of the project – creating scenery organizing and placing the specific objects in the right place. This would be the part when I am kind of in front of the camera.

After all that time spent photographing candle lights, the styling aspect of photography started gradually developing, and it was around the same time when I came to realization that simply landscape photography or as I see it ‘just clicking the button’ is not for me as I found it to be a bit too boring.

These days I can spend several hours chasing and trying to capture the ‘it feeling’ for the picture. This process also brings me the most satisfaction and fulfillment.

I have always been for the all beautiful, usually manage find find it, hence, if not then now I have learned how to quickly create it, and am very thankful and happy that it is what I do everyday.

You seem as a very busy and hands-on person. You and your friend Beate Ligere are also curating ‘femmefarfalle’ lifestyle blog. How did this collaboration start?

Beate and I have been friends and collaborators for a long time. This one day Beate wrote to me saying that she has an idea, however, did not go into any detail about it and conveniently enough it was the same day when she went for a rather longer trip – so she and her idea left me curious. Then after a while we met, once, twice and femmefarfalle blog was born. It all happened very easy and organic, and now when we look back at that time, it seems like a real magic.

What is your mission with ‘femmefarfalle’ blog?

In one word I could call it inspiring.

it is like conversations with your friend when you tell, advise and share about which book to read, where to go for holiday next, what to cook and what new things to try out next

The only difference is that it is not only for five or six set of ears but for hundreds and thousands. The feeling is mesmerizing.

What does the blog name ‘femmefarfalle’ stands for? How did you end up with this particular name?

Femme – woman in French, farfalle – butterfly in Italian. Initially we had two options for the name – femmefarfalle or either Mbuki Mvuki (em-‘bU-kE em-‘vU-kE (v.) – to shed one’s clothing spontaneously and dance naked in joy). We needed something that would describe us, and although I was personally leaning more towards Mbuki Mvuki (laughs), we ended up with femmefarfalle.

Rita Rrhi Double Notch

What is your relationship with fashion, especially Latvian fashion?

I am not one those people who are desperate to visit all the fashion shows and wear as many as possible designer clothing. Although, in the same time I am following and am interested in all the activities and events within Latvian fashion scene, I am the silent follower of it.

My relationship with fashion could be described as “in an open relationship”,

I am faithful to some designers, who are creating and designing very much in my style and from time to time my attention is drawn to some of the fresh-er designer’s creations.

And question that is asked to everyone interviewed – what do you think does fashion need the most nowadays?
In my opinion, fashion needs even more interaction with other industries.

Interview by Zane Valujeva
Photo of Rita by Janis Aufmanis

Rita will still be in charge of our instagram stories& snapchat only for a couple more days, definitely go ahead and follow us. And we encourage you to pay a visit to the beautiful ‘femmefarfalle’ lifestyle blog and also to Rita’s personal website, and get your daily dose of inspiration!

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