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Reinis Ratnieks

Designer Reinis Ratnieks has mastered all of the classical-sewing school, thus acquiring incomprehensible practice and experience in technical knowledge to come to realize that clothing must be accessible. The clothing concept of his creation is simplicity, accessibility, freedom, and comfort. The biggest challenge in creating outfits is to achieve the maximum effect with a simple cut, and minimal amount of seam and details. The greatest significance in clothing design is its applicability to women of various sizes and shapes, thus allowing every woman to look good, and feel comfortable. At times, the out-of-the-box ideas are so brilliant that they are not possible to realize.

By creating seemingly simple clothing, each of its owners has the chance to adapt it to their own desires, feelings, tastes and situations, supplementing the outfit with consistent accessories or way of presenting it. Women have been given the chance to express their creativity and be different, by creating their own inimitable personality.
Reinis Ratnieks’s brand can be characterized by such important life values as simplicity, accessibility, comfort, freedom and creativity.