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Minox 07 Funny Pack , ,

Fanny pack never looked so elegant, right? This is the super-improved grand child of those 80’s outrageous pieces. Fashion has stepped up the game since then, huh? Aluminium pipe detailing for some intricate touch and adjustable belt for some extra comfort. Will fit even the most humongous 21st century phones and other goodies. Be prepared to receive tons of questions and compliments from other fashionistas, as waist-bags are having a BIG moment right now!

100 % leather
stainless steel


Remove dirt by wiping down with a clean damp cloth. Allow wet or damp leather to air-dry naturally away from any source of heat. In a dry environment, regularly condition the leather in order to prevent it from drying out and cracking.

22x10x3 cm

This design is bespoke, and made to order. Please allow 3 to 4 weeks for crafting and production.

Handmade in Latvia


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