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Say hello to the person behind Laurél Photography – a girl who comes to see me on a skateboard, wind in her hair and a laugh impossible to resist. Laura Sokolovska is the one and only button-pushing wizard behind many of Double Notch’s photo shoots… There you go, inside the mind of always action seeking Laura!

Most listened to song in the past months?
Oh, I don’t have one exact song that I am listening to. I have a couple of playlists, but it all depends on my mood. Basically right now I am into folk music, but it has always been rock for me. Always.

Color of 2016…
For me it is always black. Yes, definitely black [laughing].

What role would you like to play if you could choose from any film ever made?
Oh, I haven’t thought about it. Actually I was acting in a theater when I was little. But one particular role? I don’t know… Probably something badass, a gangster thing!

When you were a child – what was your biggest dream and your biggest fear?
When I was little I wanted to be an archaeologist. I really wanted to dig up dinosaur bones and that kind of things. I guess my biggest fear was to make my mum angry.

So I suppose you were a good child back then?
I was not, I was only acting [laughing].
Laura Sokolvska Laurél Photography Double Notch

Speaking of your publicly displayed work, lately it’s either sport or fashion. What is the biggest difference?
First of all, it’s action. In action photography you have to capture the exact moment. For example, if you’re shooting a trick, there is only one moment when you can do it plus you have to do it from the right angle and all that. It is not just about making the picture look beautiful, it must look good from the sports men’s perspective too – the way he looks (not meaning the face) and the movement. And that is the biggest challenge – to combine those things.
Fashion photography is much more calm and predictable. When it comes to fashion it is always a setup and you have to work in a team – there are more people involved and they all need to get a result out of it.
I really enjoy doing both. And the thing that stays the same – there is always a person in the picture, either it is sports or fashion.

Do you enjoy still life photography?
When I started shooting I was walking around the streets, looking for interesting composition or colors but it was only my training. Right now I am not doing that so much, only sometimes when I want to capture a mood or make a story out of pictures. In the beginning it was a good practice on learning how to see things.

When scrolling through your Facebook page Laurél Photography, what struck me most was photo named Canvas. It seems very different of your other work; what was the idea?
It was a long time ago – when I was studying photography we had a task to make series. I actually can’t remember what the exact aim was, but I wanted to show that tattoos can express oneself, that you don’t need a face to do that. That is why I blurred all the faces.

If you had a chance to collaborate with any artist, living or dead, which one would it be?
Tough question. I don’t think there is one specific person, those could be many artists. The thing with me is that I never remember names, I only recognize people’s work. But it wouldn’t be a model. I would like to work with someone who could introduce me to new and fresh points of views.
Laura Sokolvska Laurél Photography Double Notch

How do you think – what does fashion need the most nowadays?
I’m not really involved in fashion in any other way than taking pictures of it but I have thought about it a lot. I am never going to support fast fashion concept, because with all this consuming people are not thinking about sustainability or the impact that is created when clothing is made. It is kind of crazy.
I think that fashion needs to get more responsible.

Interviewer – Eliza Aboltina
Photos – Petra Skrastina

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