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There is something very mistrustful but nevertheless gently enticing about October. Have you noticed? It’s a perfectly ordinary evening in Riga, the sky is blue and clear, sounds of traffic a bit overwhelming and the big picture of the city life tonight seems boring. One might say an excellent time for seeing an old friend…

This week I meet Karina Krista Likanse – a designer who comes to the Latvian fashion scene as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice in the morning. Someone breaking the rarely-sense-making canons, contemplating on the post-internet era and the Wi-Fi generation as well as bringing complete avantgarde on the stage. It’s all about the aesthetics directly interacting with a statement.

Last book you read and hated?

I don’t read books I could hate. I have never actually read a book I hated.

Never ever?

I judge a book by its cover [laughing].

Last film you watched and loved?

Captain America. I love action films. I actually cried when I watched Spiderman.

Color of 2016?

Pink, however, never hot pink.

Your favorite brand & trend at the moment?

My favorite brand is HBA. I do follow trends, especially sneaker trends, however I don’t have a favorite. I just like to acknowledge them, not to use them.

Karina Krista Illustration BLOG

Before we start with the inescapable present, let’s get back just a little bit. Before the collection ‘’Unfold’’ there was ‘’Wi-Fi Generation’’. How do you think – what the future man will be like?

Future man… He won’t be a space man in a silver gown [laughing]. He will be a person who is not afraid of his own opinion and beliefs, not afraid to be himself. We are framed. In the future we will trust ourselves. I don’t see that now – everyone follows someone or something.

What about ‘’Wi-Fi Generation’’? Are we the ‘’Wi-Fi Generation’’?

Collection ‘’Wi-Fi Generation’’ is about people I see around myself. It is not like I get inspired by buildings or paintings. It is about people around me, and music sometimes. It’s about this person I see every day – it is not one particular individual, but it’s this person stuck in his phone, acknowledging nothing happening around. He is always typing. Never talking. He is neither in the moment nor reality. He is on his phone all the time, and that is also why all the sweaters from “Wi-Fi Generation” have the long sleeves. The ‘’Wi-Fi Generation’’ person is already without hands so…

One of the many things that I love about your collections (I wont even start on aesthetics…) are the names of the pieces – ‘’white thrash’’, ‘’label me’’… It is like you communicate with the customer through every detail. What is the most important thing you want to let your client know?

Like I said it is important to be yourself, therefore I express my opinions through my clothing. In the collection ‘’Unfold’’ I was trying to non-aggressively attack all the ignorant people out there. I am just trying to beautifully tell stories about the blind people around us [laughing].. In the collection description I wrote – it’s made for that distinctive part of our society that needs printed approval to not machine-wash or microwave-dry their pets.

In times when raw material and produce’s genetic molecular engineering develops terrifyingly silent, the changes and improvements to our ‘long-term’ and ‘single-use’ belongings we leave behind us are not capable of being detected by human senses. In result, we don’t feel the necessity to be aware of our material and moral waste’s informative consciousness and recycling.
I believe that refuse is nothing more than a byproduct of society’s ignorance as much as excessive and unnecessary consumption, therefore to manifest our hypocritical mindsets, that are not as ecologically and environment friendly as some may lead to believe and advertise in their instagram accounts, collection’s items are made out of synthetic fabrics and reused brand household supplies we all know and recognize.
The analogies drawn out between physical waste and people equivalency reflects in the ironic + witty garment prints and embroidery created to resemble nutrition fact labels and instructions for use regarding that distinctive part of our society that needs printed approval to not machine-wash or microwave-dry their pets. 

Karina Krista Illustration Unfold

Your collection Unfold speaks of moral and material emissions – is sustainability of fashion an important issue for you?

Actually I haven’t thought about sustainability in general. It might be that I am thinking about it unconsciously. Everybody talks about thinking green, so therefor I guess it’s on my mind without thinking about it.
However, I use materials that resemble something a person uses on a daily basis, like shopping bags. The general idea for avantgarde collection was to use waste that is in our house, which is why I made an outfit from washcloths.

Re-using random everyday objects – how is it to work with those weird materials and basing on what qualities you choose them? 

I use weird materials because in this world we live in, everything is already invented. The only thing left is experimenting. I never use boring materials like cotton, wool and… well anything considered green [laughing]. The collection was actually made for this person who doesn’t care about the environment at all, that is why everything was synthetic.

What does fashion need the most nowadays?

Fashion needs a strong concept. Just like art needs a conceptual background nowadays. People tend to forget that fashion is a form art. They forget that fashion is more than pretty clothes. In my case I could be spending too much time on the concept rather than collection itself [laughing].

Karina Krista Double Notch

Interview and photo of Karina Krista by Eliza Aboltina
Illustrations by Karina Krista

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