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Karina Krista

Karina Krista Likanse, who is currently studying at the Art Academy of Latvia Fashion Design Department, debuted in 2014 with her Riga Design and Art High School graduation collection “RESISTANT” which got a lot of attention from fashion magazines and inspired her to continue as a designer rather than an illustrator.

The designer believes that minimal design, extraordinary fabrics with catchy phrases and amusing prints based on a strong concept, goes a long way in selling not only the current trends, but a common point of view, and encourages everyone not to fear to be themselves. Unisex clothing that makes a statement and takes a stand for the audaciously bold, intelligent and humorous.

The colourful, witty original garment prints and embroidery is a way of the designers self-expression using analogies on serious modern day issues, such as ignorance, greed and vanity, with a hint of irony and subtle judging of that distinctive part of our society that needs printed approval to not machine-wash or microwave-dry their pets.

Oh, and it looks cool too.