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Blank Blank

Freedom doesn’t have to be complicated.
Why worry – whether you’re near or far off the beaten track, going with the current or swimming against the tide? What matters is that your course takes you closer to your true essence!
BLANKBLANK is ready to become part of the unique you. Everything is rooted in natural simplicity – what’s on your mind is what you wear.

Absorb this magical mix of the instangible, impressions and impulses! It’s worth living daringly. Bright. Nuanced.
That’s how BLANKBLANK is created. That’s how it’s meant to be worn.
My name is Linda Blanka, I’m into graphic art.
My name is Martins Blanks, I’m into functional design.
BLANKBLANK is our experimental fashion brand, born accidentally. Uniting classical art with quality casual wear manufacturing, thus making art wearable and bringing it out on the streets. BLANKBLANK is wearable feelings.