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Arvils Linde

Label ‘Arvils Linde’ is an independent designer`s label. Its style is demonstrated through the transformation and mutation of a classical dress. The label creates garments which at the first glance demonstrate a classical look, however are made in unusual ways of construction in order to change the perception of stereotypical canons regarding the classical wear. The collections are minimalistic in design, filled with timeless spirit and unisex elements, however always remaining elegant. The designs are not in your face, but rather revealing it`s true magnificence in closeness, as the designer believes, that devil is in the details.

The label is offering a modern Baltic – Scandinavian design to the conscious urban men and women that view the clothes and other items that surround them as something special, and because of that they rather purchase and use the right product as long as it lives, than follow the mainstream by replacing them perpetually.

‘Arvils Linde’ is aiming for slow fashion practices – timeless designs that are hand made and produced locally with ethical labour. The low – waste of materials is offering bespoke, made – to – order, limited quantity products, motive of which is avoiding overproduction and waste.