ARVILS LINDE X DOUBLE NOTCH August 2, 2016 – Posted in: Designers

We sit down with the always smiling and in the same time very serious Arvils, who is the creative force behind the label ARVILS LINDE. The talk about some things more serious and some not so much. Get to know this Magnificent Bastard*!

Your favorite piece of clothing to wear?
Well, it’s a hard question actually. But I suppose it’s a shirt. The reason for that is because through the collections over the years I have always made shirts, there always have been jackets as well, but I suppose it is the shirt.


Color of 2016 would be…
Black of course is always in fashion, however it depends. When I visited fabric exhibitions, there was any color you can imagine, any pattern you can imagine. What is in fashion actually? It is what the designer imagines it is. As easy as that.

If we speak about creating, as we can see (Ed. our interview takes place in Arvils painting exhibition Blizzard of Souls) fashion is not the only media you speak through. Which one painting or designing came first and how do they affect one another?
I have to start with a fact that both my grandfathers are painters. I kind of went away from it and somehow got into the fashion field. However, if the question is how I got there – then I still can’t answer it [laughing]. But here I am, two degrees in fashion design and working on my own label.


So from what I heard – you consider yourself more of a designer than a painter?
If we speak about the experience, then yes. However, Painting and illustrations have always been there, somewhere in the periphery. I suppose I was always more interested in drawing and painting than the field requires you to be. At the moment, both of the fields are in my interest, and this far I see no reason why not to work in both fields, as they complement each other in a good way!

You have said that a good designer has to feel the time and space around him, meaning social-political situation. How exactly does that influence the way you create?
There is always something in the air. Like the words in one of the songs of Bob Dylan – just blowin’ in the wind. Both good artists and good designers extract the feeling from all the politics and everything that has been happening and is happening in the world. Even if you can’t define it, it’s there, so it mirrors in the things that you create. For me, it’s an abstract feeling.


Do you have any taboos as a designer?
Although I make unisex clothing, it is still important for me that men look like men and women look like women. Any other taboos? None.

While collecting information about you, one thing that caught my eye was the logo of your label…
Oh yes, the Chimera**!

How did you come up with it and what is the story behind it?
At first my logo had my initials – AL, but afterwards I thought that a symbol works better than a font.
But about the beast – it started somehow abstract. I realized that a lion and a deer are classical archetypes. And the same thing is about my designs – I make transformations and mutations to classical wear. So does the logo – it shows and represents a transformation of classical archetypes. And even more it looks good [laughing].


Your collection is called Magnificent Bastard; who is the bastard?
I`m the bastard [laughing]! Magnificent bastard is another archetype. One part comes from the Baltic fairy tales – you know how there is this family with seven sons and one is the stupid one, but actually in the end he is the one who saves the kingdom and has the princess for a wife. However, the most important part is that he does all those things with cleverness. He uses his mind not the power. He is a cheater actually [laughing], but because he does it so magnificently no one minds.

Your pieces of clothing are said to be very detailed and made using unusual ways of construction. Therefore, what is more important to you aesthetics or the technical/functional side of fashion design?
In my case aesthetics grow from the technical side. For example, I once made a classical wear pants, but they were actually made from one piece construction. You can see there are no inner seams nor outer seams – it is pure magic [laughing]! I think there has to be something more than just good looks. It is the same with paintings – I find it important to be skilled both in the figural and abstract aspects.

Is fashion sustainability important for you?
If we speak about my collections, you can take a piece from three collections ago and it will be as much in fashion as a piece from the latest collection. That’s my way of thinking.

How do you think – what does fashion need the most nowadays?
Fashion needs to be timeless.

*newest collection Magnificent Bastard by ARVILS LINDE available now on our webshop.

Interviewer – Eliza Aboltina
Photos – Laura Sokolovska