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Double Notch is an online platform for Latvian contemporary fashion. It is a creatively-driven concept space that showcases a unique collection of Northern creatives and promotes responsibility, consciousness, ethically and slow fashion practices.

We are equipped with a careful selection of Latvian designers that embody our distinctive national fashion identity. We aim to share this distinguished Baltic aesthetic with the world through clothing and accessories that embody the philosophy of Double Notch. The vibrant and vigorous voice of these artworks is the utmost powerful carrier of our message.

Double Notch is responsible fashion.

The gift of life and human endeavour is granted by Nature. We owe it gratitude and respect, just as a child to her mother. Our designers create their pieces with high awareness of the interconnectivity of Man and Nature. These artists create their works for every customer individually to ensure that we do not take or make any more than necessary.

Double Notch is conscious fashion.

It is an act of liberation, a reclaiming of one’s autonomy within a field of predatory ideologies. Your lifestyle can either be automatic and exploitable or mindful and impactful. The choice is yours. The outer layer of style can be a social statement, it can be an intellectual manifestation and it can be a projection of the authentic self. We wish to supply the tools of a diverse fashion collection to aid the exploration of the complex human condition.

Double Notch is ethical fashion.

Within the interconnected state of modernity every choice of anyone has an effect on somebody elsewhere. The big fashion industry of today has often neglected morals in favour of profit; this can and must change. By supporting morally-conscious fashion creatives, together we can start reinventing the fashion world to be more just. We collaborate with designers that believe in principles of fair trade.

Double Notch is slow fashion.

The contemporary paradigm is that of high speed and gaining momentum. It is fast food, fast fashion and fast madness. Not only is it hazardous to the Environment, but it is hazardous to you. Nevertheless, you can escape the machine of mindless consumption, micro-seasonal trends and needless worry. Our designers create pieces that are durable in quality and timeless in form. In these there is solace and a moment of peace.

Double Notch mobilizes the finest Latvian fashion artists to cultivate progressive values within the global fashion space. We invite you to join for a better future and a better you.