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Not to sound ‘Grinch-y’ (however, it seems inevitable), but…. here we go again; a snow-less December – people running in circles aimlessly looking for anything useless, passing on our-age traditions, like fast and wasteful shopping, when what people used to do was sharing time not plastic symbols of…well, everything, which now is wrong with the way we are consuming. Maybe it’s boring or cliche, but in the times of changing years and happy holidays, Double Notch encourages you to think in new ways, finding fresh ways to perceive and translate the visions of everything happening around us…

I won’t contemplate of all the good and bad we saw, heard or experienced, because who cares? Though there’s something you have to know. We are more than grateful to have had the chance to share Latvian design and the stories behind it with all of you through this year. Now we must say see you in 2017, because we are gone looking for new ways of experiencing and sharing fashion, as well as growing to be even more eventful and fun in the coming year.

See you in 2017!

‘foreword’ – Eliza Aboltina
photo – Silvija Rudzika